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YAY! I started not one, but TWO Podcasts!

Updated: May 29, 2023

I feel like I was late on the podcast train but better late than never right? I started listening to podcasts about 4 years ago but at that time, I wasn't a very regular listener, at that time, it was VERY sporadic. Once I found one that I really enjoyed though, there was no turning back. That happened 3 years ago and that podcast was "Crime Junkies". Now, my family gets annoyed because I am ALWAYS listening to podcasts. lol.

I thought about starting my own podcast about 3 years ago. I even recorded one episode but never published it, nothing ever came of that idea. I let it go for a few years but the desire kept popping up very few weeks, I would try to suppress it and tell myself that "nobody cares what I have to say", but the desire and curiosity to move forward with a podcast would just NOT go away.

Finally, around the middle of last year I gave in to the "dream". I began brainstorming and praying about "all the things". Who? What? When? Where? How? My original plan was to do a true crime/mystery/spooky podcast with an emphasis on parks of the world, I hired a graphic artist to create a logo for me, I started on a list of episodes to research and then I got scared again. I put it away and ignored the dream . . . again. Then towards the end of the year, during a time of prayer, a "vision" came to me. I saw myself interviewing amazing people, who are doing amazing things and have amazing stories to share with the world! I knew in that moment that THIS was my podcast, THIS is what I am supposed to be focusing on. I created a wish-list of people I wanted to interview and to my amazement, they ALL said yes! Well, except Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie. ha ha Actually, I did have 2 other people say they weren't sure but not because they weren't interested, it was because they felt insecure. Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. I began setting up interviews & recording interviews and finally after sitting on the interviews for a couple more months (due to fear), I FINALLY hit publish the end of last year! It felt SOOOO GOOD!

My podcast now has 10 episodes and I have 4 more ready to publish weekly AND several other interviews lined up. I am doing it! I can't believe I actually did it. The cherry on top?!?!? That other podcast. You know, the spooky one about true crime and mystery.After seeing that it's not as scary as I made it out in my head, I finally published that one too earlier this year!!! It currently has 4 episodes and I have a loooong list of episodes I am researching and writing for suture episodes.

I am honestly having SO much fun doing this whole podcast thing. I am learning, as I go. Trying to make them both better with each new episode and sharing with everyone I can. I have a long way to go with my newfound hobby, I don't even record with a real microphone yet for crying out loud! ha ha I will though, all in due time. :)

If you haven't listened yet, please do! I would be honored to have you choose to share some of your time with me. I find it works best for me to listen while I am driving, cooking or cleaning. I don't have a lot of down time, where I can just sit down and "veg out" to a podcast, so instead, I multi task and listen while I work! :D By the way, BOTH of my podcasts are free! I will link them below for easy access. :D

Podcast #1 - World Worth Wandering Conversations (available for FREE on Spotify)

Podcast #2 - Dark in the Park (available for FREE on Spotify)

Thanks for reading this blog post and an even bigger thanks if you take the time to listen to my podcasts!!!

By the way, would it be helpful if I did a post on "how to start your own podcast"? Let me know!


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