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Personalized "My Intent" Bracelets

Personalized "My Intent" Bracelets

Wear a customized daily reminder of your "why". A word or two that are a personal, powerful reminder.

Maybe it is a single word you want to embody, your favorite scripture, your child/rens name(s), a special place that captured your heart, a word that motivtes or inspires, etc.


A few questions to ask yourself to help you find your word . . .

What virtue do you want more of in your life?

What are you passionate about?

Where have you found peace?

Whar would you do if you were not afraid?

What is most important to you?


The one I wear says Ruach. Ruach is translated from Hebrew by three primary words: wind, breath, and spirit.

This word not only reminds me to

breathe but ALSO reminds me that

the Holy Spirit (ruach hakodesh) is

always with me & I am never alone.

The Holy Spirit:

- Empowers me

- Reveals the will of God

- Intercedes on my behalf when I

don't have the words to pray.


Discover your word(s) for a meaningful gift yourself, learn someonelses word(s) and create a thoughtful gift for them. It's totally up to you!


    Due to the fact that these are customized items, all sales are FINAL and not eligible for return or exchanges.

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